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Intraoral Camera – “A picture paints a thousand words.”

Intraoral Camera Technology

Many patients, especially younger patients, are very familiar with the latest technology and are comfortable with the high tech practice. Computers and TV screens are their primary method of information processing.

Dr. Erik Mendelsohn and Dr. Alexa Previtti utilize Intraoral Camera technology to help enhance your understanding of your diagnosis. Intraoral cameras are fast replacing dental mirrors for the following reasons (1) magnification; and (2) their ability to share the image with the patient via live video on a computer or TV monitor.

“A picture paints a thousand words.”

An Intraoral Camera is a very small camera – in some cases, just a few millimeters long. An Intraoral Camera allows our practice to view clear, precise images of your mouth, teeth and gums, in order for us to accurately make a diagnosis. With clear, defined, enlarged images, you see details that may be missed by standard mirror examinations. This can mean faster diagnosis with less chair-time for you!
Intraoral Cameras also enable our practice to save your images in our office computer to provide a permanent record of treatments. These images can be printed for you, other specialists, and your lab or insurance companies.

The Intraoral Camera technology allows us to show our patients what we see and to help enhance the understanding of their diagnosis. The intraoral photo pictured here is of an actual patient. The patient was shocked by what he had seen and could not believe that this was an actual photo of what was going on within his very own mouth! Thanks to this amazing technology we were able to share images with our patient to help him understand his treatment and provided him with the overall education he needed for a healthy mouth.


EHT Dentist Answers: Low Dose Digital X-Rays; Are They Really Safe?

We produce the lowest doses of radiation necessary for diagnosis of dental disease.

Serenity Smile designs is dedicated to providing the best possible care for our patients. We have provided this information to provide an explanation to the recent  media reports about the increased incidence(slightly above the risk of 6 in every 100,000) of brain cancer(meningioma) as a result of dental x-rays. The studies sound very alarming, so it is important to understand what they really mean. I will preface by saying that our office uses the most advanced digital x-ray available on the market which provides 75% lower radiation than other standard dental  xray technology. In this article we have provided statistics  show how much radiation a person is exposed and how much of that actually comes from digital dental xrays. So before you panic read on.

A more extensive article detailing flaws in the study can be found at Reuters.
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Joint Vibration Analysis (JVA) in Routine Restorative Dentistry

Diagnosing TMJ With Precision & Care

Dr. Erik Mendelsohn is proud to offer Joint Vibration Analysis (JVA) for patients with jaw pain and associated symptoms. JVA provides a fast, non-invasive, and reliable measurement of TMJ function to aid in the diagnosis of TMJ problems.

As part of every dental exam at Serenity Smile Designs in Egg Harbor Township, NJ, Dr. Erik Mendelsohn palpates the patients’ face and TMJ’s to see if there are any clicks or pops associated with opening and closing the mouth.  The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is one of the most complex joints in the body. Like all human joints, the TMJ has surfaces which rub together when you chew, swallow or speak. Smooth, well-lubricated surfaces within the joint produce little friction and little vibration. But if the joint surface changes because of degeneration, disk displacement or injury, jaw movement will produce friction and vibration.

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New Treatment for TMJ: DTR

Disclusion Time Reduction (DTR) Therapy is a specialized dental treatment Dr. Mendelsohn utilizes that requires the use of T-Scan (digital bite recorder) in conjunction with an EMG (muscle recording device) to evaluate the bite forces and teeth contacts in relation to muscle activity. If the teeth do not contact properly the muscles must work really hard in order to compensate during chewing which can lead to TMJ issues, headaches, sore jaw muscles, sensitive/broken teeth, and even teeth grinding/clenching.

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Are Your Kid’s Teeth Safe?

EHT MouthguardAnybody who has a child participating in South Jersey organized sports worries about injuries brought about as a result of that sport. And it matters not whether it’s a contact sport like football or the less impactful activity like tennis. There’s always the threat of injury.

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