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Serenity Smile Designs is located in the heart of Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey. It is the office of Erik Mendelsohn, DMD and Alexa Previti, DMD. At Serenity Smile Designs we believe that a healthy body starts with a healthy airway and a healthy mouth. Serenity Smile Designs is a complete health dental office, and we perform a complete health assessment, airway assessment, as well as the routine TMJ, Oral Cancer Screening, and Oral Examination. We believe dentists are the first line of defense against many serious health conditions that may otherwise go unchecked.

Our goal is to educate each patient on the condition of their dental health and recommend custom treatment options for each individual. We offer a full range of dental services including oral appliance therapy for sleep apnea and TMJ related issues,  dental implants and smile makeovers. With our patients as our inspiration, we have created a dental office like no other. Patients are often found enjoying the massage chair, chatting around the coffee bar, or even surfing the web on one of our iPads. After just one visit, you will know you’re in the right place.

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Our Story:

Complete Health Dentistry

The practice of Complete Health Dentistry allows us to customize treatment plans that will leave you with a beautiful smile and help prevent future health issues. A healthy and disease-free mouth helps you live longer and prevents serious health problems. We are honored to be piloting the Complete Health Dentistry movement which will create the future of dentists and physicians working together for the common goal of total body health. Serenity Smile Designs is here to keep you healthy for life. Take control of your health now. Contact us to schedule an appointment and to start your road to a healthier smile and body. We are advocates of the complete health dental model and believe that a healthy, disease-free mouth can help you live longer and prevent serious health problems.

We Use All New Dental Technology

Dr. Mendelsohn is a firm believer that improvements in technology are revolutionizing  the field of dentistry to an entirely new level. We proudly offer cutting-edge equipment such as a 3-D X-ray machine and a 3-D printer which allow us to virtually plan and execute precise dental implant placement. With our 3-D X-ray  can also evaluate your airway and TMJ to be sure you are not at risk for a sleep related airway disorder such as sleep apnea, or Temporaomandibular disorder. 

We are one of the few offices in New Jersey that have a phayrngometer to help assess and treat  airway collapse in realtime. It is completely noninvasive and uses sound waves to evaluate the airway to see if a person is at risk for airway collapse and or sleep apnea.  

Fully Guided Digital Dental Implant Surgery:

We  offer an E4D Dentist® System which will create your custom crown in a single office visit. We believe our patients deserve modern, complete health dentistry that fits your busy lifestyle. The best part about it is there are no messy impressions involved and no temporary crowns that may fall out at dinnertime.

Smile Makeovers

Did you know that Pre-Covid the first thing people noticed about you was your smile? 

Unfortunately there are many people out there that hide their smile even when they are not wearing a mask. Laughing and smiling should make you feel happy and confident not embarrassed. A person that does not smile or has bad teeth is often perceived as being unhappy, and they lack self confidence. This can effect  dating,  job interviews, sales, and even  a person’s demeanor.

Dr. Erik’s area of expertise  is  Smile Makeovers and Dental Implants. He has a true passion for creating beautiful smiles and changing peoples lives.

Stop hiding behind your smile and schedule a consult for a smile consult!!!

 Same Day Digital Crowns:


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