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NJ Dentist Answers Your Question: Do I Need a Bone Graft for Dental Implants?

A bone graft in dentistry is the process by which Dr. Erik Mendelsohn or Dr. Alexa Previti applies material inside your mouth to regenerate (or re-grow) new bone. The bone graft is inserted underneath the oral mucosa (gum tissues). You cannot see the bone graft with your eyes. Bone grafting is accomplished with precision and knowledge of […]

Local EHT Dentists and Staff Take a Weekend Continuing Education Course

The pursuit of lifelong learning—whether to enrich our lives, follow a new dream, or simply challenge ourselves—is certainly something that appeals to the entire staff here at Serenity Smile Designs in South Jersey. We are dedicated to continuously deliver state-of-the-art implant, cosmetic, and general dentistry to our patients. Dr. Erik Mendelsohn, Dr. Todd Frost, and […]

New Jersey Dental Insurance Benefits—Use It or Lose It!

Did you know that you could as a New Jersey resident you actually save hundreds of dollars by using your dental benefits before the end of the year? Here at Serenity Smile Designs in Egg Harbor Township, we take pride in doing everything possible to help you maximize your dental insurance. While some dental insurance […]

New Jersey Dentist Travels to the Dominican Republic for a Missionary Trip

Dr. Erik Mendelsohn—an implant, cosmetic, and general dentist in Egg Harbor Township, NJ—recently spent extensive time on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic. From January 25-27, 2013, Dr. Erik Mendelsohn joined a team of highly trained implant surgeons to Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic to offer missionary services to underprivileged Dominicans. Along with other […]