Here at Serenity Smile Designs in local Egg Harbor Township, Dr. Erik Mendelsohn and his staff have seen amazing changes when patients get a smile makeover. Men often shave their facial hair; women may change their hairstyles and even their makeup. All of them smile more—which is wonderful news! New research shows that smiling can actually reduce stress. In an effort to keep all of our patients smiling Serenity Smile Designs offer a  Free Whitening for Life Program  for all of our loyal patients. The program was designed to keep all of our patients smiling and in good oral health. Be sure to contact our office for further details.

University of Kansas researchers gave students anxiety-inducing tasks. The students had to perform these tasks three times: once while not smiling, once with a smile on their face, and once more while holding chopsticks in their teeth to force a smile. It turns out that any kind of smile—genuine or fake—helped reduce stress for the students. The stress levels dipped even lower when the students used a “real” smile.

EHT Dentist Knows Smiles Are Powerful; Smile and Reduce your Stress Level!

EHT Dentist Knows Smiles Are Powerful; Smile and Reduce your Stress Level!

Age-old sayings such as ‘grin and bear it,’ have suggested smiling not only to be important non-verbal indicator of happiness, but to also wishfully promote smiling as a solution for life’s stressful events. The next time you are stuck in traffic or are experiencing some other type of stress, you might try to hold your face in a smile for a moment. Not only will it help you ‘grin and bear it’ psychologically, but it might actually help your heart health as well!

As a cosmetic dentist, Dr. Erik Mendelsohn knows how powerful a smile can be. Unfortunately, too many people hate how their teeth look.  This may deter someone from smiling and laughing. If nature didn’t give you the perfect Serenity Smile Designs’ smile, then it is time to make a change. Cosmetic dentistry can change just one tooth or give you an entire smile makeover – it all depends on what you want from your smile. Improving the appearance of your smile may be easier and cost less than you think.

Find out more about Serenity Smile Designs’ cosmetic dentistry by meeting with Dr. Erik Mendelsohn for a consultation. Please contact Dr. Erik today at (609) 646-1989 to schedule your appointment.