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Obstructive Sleep Disorder

What is Obstructive  Sleep Apnea? Obstructive sleep apnea is a condition in which breathing stops involuntarily for brief periods of time during sleep. Normally, air flows smoothly from the mouth and nose into the lungs at all times. Periods when breathing stops are called apnea or apneic episodes. When this occurs the normal flow of […]


5 COSMETIC AND HOT DENTISTRY PROCEDURES EVERYONE  IS TALKING ABOUT   There’s something so powerful about a beautiful smile, isn’t there?   Over the years, consumers have realized the importance of possessing a shiny white smile to benefit both how they look and how they feel. And today, cosmetic dentistry is more popular than ever, […]

Implant Supported Dentures

Traditional dentures often cause people discomfort due to movement and slippage along the gums. In addition, traditional dentures typically require the inconvenience of messy pastes or adhesives. Implant supported dentures allow our patients at Serenity Smile Designs to replace their traditional dentures with a stronger and more reliable missing teeth replacement option. The implant denture […]


Have you ever wondered why dentist take x-rays? Do you think that x-rays are not a necessary part of your dental treatment?   Did you know Dental x-rays are one of the lowest radiation dose studies performed. A routine exam which includes 4 bitewings is about 0.005 mSv, which is less than one day of […]

Intraoral Camera – “A picture paints a thousand words.”

Intraoral Camera Technology Many patients, especially younger patients, are very familiar with the latest technology and are comfortable with the high tech practice. Computers and TV screens are their primary method of information processing. Dr. Erik Mendelsohn and Dr. Alexa Previtti utilize Intraoral Camera technology to help enhance your understanding of your diagnosis. Intraoral cameras […]