It’s December 28th, and you’re almost free of the holiday crush. It’s time to talk about New Year’s Eve. Dr. Erik Mendelsohn and the entire staff of Serenity Smile Designs hopes that you have been and will continue to spend time with your loved ones, or that you have a really great party to attend! In either case, Dr. Erik Mendelsohn is here to talk about holiday dental care. On a night like New Year’s Eve, celebrations are at the foreground of all our minds. Brushing and flossing are (understandably) not thought of as the most crucial part of December 31st.

To help you keep your teeth healthy without expending much time or effort, Dr. Erik Mendelsohn offers subtle, simple steps you can take during the New Year’s festivities to prevent decay and protect your beautiful smile. Perhaps the most appealing part of these tips is that they won’t just keep your teeth healthy, but also enhance your interactions at your New Year’s party! With the help of Serenity Smile Designs, you’ll ring in the New Year with a beautiful, healthy smile!

Serenity Smile Designs’ Holiday Dental Tips:

  • Teeth are for food only! That means no opening bottles, cracking nuts, or ripping open packages. Save a broken tooth and spend early 2013 out of the dental chair.
  • Rinse after eating or drinking. It may not be too glamorous, but it’s easy to slip to the bathroom and rinse your mouth with water after a glass of red wine. Rinsing with water helps remove the sugar and harmful bacteria borne by food and drink. This prevents dark liquids and foods from staining your teeth, and reduces the risk of tooth decay. And not only will rinsing protect your teeth, it will help you from overdoing things and spending the first day of the New Year sick in bed!
  • BYOB – Bring Your Own Brush! Travel-sized toothbrushes fit easily into even the tiniest purse, or inside your jacket pocket. Brushing after eating and drinking will keep your teeth decay-free even after indulgent holiday feasting. You may want to pack a tiny bit of floss as well – there’s nothing worse than getting an annoying bit of food stuck between your front teeth at a party!
  • Gum it up. Try chewing sugar-free gum between snacks to enhance saliva flow and remove food particles from your teeth. Dr. Erik Mendelsohn recommends any gum containing xylitol, which has an antibacterial effect.
  • Make wise eating choices. Whether you’re the host or a guest, know that tooth- and body-healthy food options should be available to partygoers. Nuts, raw fruits and vegetables, dark chocolate, and cheeses are great snacks for your teeth and your body – and they’re even delicious!

Dr. Erik Mendelsohn and the entire staff here at Serenity Smile Designs have loved having you as a part of our community and practice this past year. We look forward to working with you in 2013, and hope you all have happy and safe holidays!