The pursuit of lifelong learning—whether to enrich our lives, follow a new dream, or simply challenge ourselves—is certainly something that appeals to the entire staff here at Serenity Smile Designs in South Jersey. We are dedicated to continuously deliver state-of-the-art implant, cosmetic, and general dentistry to our patients. Dr. Erik Mendelsohn, Dr. Todd Frost, and the staff are specifically able to achieve this by taking Continuing Education Courses.

Pursuing continued education in the dental field can be beneficial in several ways. For dentists such as Dr. Erik Mendelsohn and Dr. Todd Frost, who are currently in practice, ongoing continuing education ensures that his patients have access to the latest diagnostic, preventative and treatment methods.

Over this past weekend, Dr. Erik Mendelsohn, Dr. Todd Frost, our three hygienists (Celeste, Tina, and Maria), and our three assistants (Alencya, Lisa, and Jill) all participated in a two-day Continuing Education Course entitled: Clinical Mastery SeriesUltimate Occlusion. This two-day hands-on course is a scientifically based program designed to enable Dr. Erik Mendelsohn, Dr. Todd Frost and the entire staff to diagnose and treat malocclusion.

In dentistry, your occlusion basically refers to how your teeth come together. It’s more than just your “bite” as you can bite in different ways depending on whether you are chewing or attempting to take a bite out of something. You also bring your teeth together when you swallow and may bring them together in quite different ways when you sleep and are not consciously guiding them one way or another. The term “occlusion” refers to how your teeth come together in all these different ways.

Malocclusion, occlusal disease, or a bad bite, refers to situations in which the upper and lower teeth, or jaw, are misaligned and come together in ways that can damage or destroy teeth.

As many dental problems can be attributed to occlusal disease, it is worth visiting Dr. Erik Mendelsohn or Dr. Todd Frost, who both have a good understanding of occlusion, so that your problems can be properly diagnosed and treated. Some problems, such as chronic headaches, can also have their roots in occlusal disease. If you have the symptoms of occlusally-related headaches, it definitely makes sense to check with Dr. Erik Mendelsohn or Dr. Todd Frost, as they may be able to correct the underlying occlusal problem and relieve your headache.

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