Serenity Smile Designs’ dental patients are a smart bunch! They know that dental amalgam is a type of filling material that has been used for over 150 years. They know that like most things invented long ago, there are associated problems. A key ingredient in dental amalgam is mercury. Mercury is a neurotoxin and can leach into the environment where it finally ends up in our food supply. Rising mercury levels in tuna is one good example.

The European Union (EU) is thinking about phasing out the use of mercury dental amalgam over a five year period because of these environmental risks. It is estimated that about 45 tons of mercury from EU dental offices end up in chairside drains every year. Only a small portion of this is captured and treated as hazardous waste. The rest ends up in the environment.

There are plenty of alternative restoration materials available for dentists to use. Sweden has already banned mercury filling material and Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands and Italy have reduced its use. Other countries have placed strict rules in place if dentists continue using this material. At Serenity Smile Designs in Egg Harbor Township, we consider all of our patients’ fillings to be cosmetic restorations. After all, who wants to look at any ugly black filling? Tooth colored, lifelike filling materials that reflect the light allow your smile to remain beautiful and natural looking.

Why do some dentists continue to use mercury based fillings? Most of the time it is used because dental amalgam is cheap and easy to use. This is why it is common in dental chain clinics. Restoring a tooth using modern composite materials requires a higher level of skill and takes a little more time, just what Dr. Erik Mendelsohn provides for every patient that walks through our door! Avoiding exposure to mercury for our Serenity Smile Designs’ patients, staff and the environment is worth a little extra effort!

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