Disclusion Time Reduction (DTR) Therapy is a specialized dental treatment Dr. Mendelsohn utilizes that requires the use of T-Scan (digital bite recorder) in conjunction with an EMG (muscle recording device) to evaluate the bite forces and teeth contacts in relation to muscle activity.

If the teeth do not contact properly the muscles must work really hard in order to compensate during chewing which can lead to TMJ issues, headaches, sore jaw muscles, sensitive/broken teeth, and even teeth grinding/clenching.

Traditionally a night guard is a treatment use to address the symptoms associated with a bad bite or TMJ problems. Unfortunately not all patients respond to a night guard and may require DTR to address the underlying problem.

DTR treatment utilizes the T-Scan in conjunction with an EMG (muscle tester) to evaluate and refine the forces on your teeth and muscle activity during chewing and excursive movements — biting is far more accurate than traditional blue marking paper that may leave your filling uneven or give you a high bite. The goal of treatment is to improve the way back teeth disengage during excursive movements in effect decreasing muscle activity in real-time.

The treatment phase of DTR Therapy requires computer-guided adjustments with a goal to reduce excessive posterior periodontal ligament compressions (which triggers muscle hyperactivity), the desired result is to have the muscles return to baseline activity, reducing lactic acid production and myalgic pain.

Using T-Scan® to perform DTR Therapy allows the clinician to:

  • Identify overly engaged contacts during excursive movements
  • Evaluate how muscles are firing during bite cycles
  • Verify occlusal contacts that could be contributing to TMD symptoms
  • Use data to guide adjustment procedures
  • Objectively analyze the timing of disclusion

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