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New Treatment for TMJ: DTR

Disclusion Time Reduction (DTR) Therapy is a specialized dental treatment Dr. Mendelsohn utilizes that requires the use of T-Scan (digital bite recorder) in conjunction with an EMG (muscle recording device) to evaluate the bite forces and teeth contacts in relation to muscle activity. If the teeth do not contact properly the muscles must work really hard in order to compensate during chewing which can lead to TMJ issues, headaches, sore jaw muscles, sensitive/broken teeth, and even teeth grinding/clenching.
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Are Your Kid’s Teeth Safe?

EHT MouthguardAnybody who has a child participating in South Jersey organized sports worries about injuries brought about as a result of that sport. And it matters not whether it’s a contact sport like football or the less impactful activity like tennis. There’s always the threat of injury.

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T-Scan- 3-d bite Analysis: the future of dentistry


Maria had an uneven bite after she had braces. While braces do make your teeth look straight and perfect, the bite is impossible for a dentist or orthodontist to perfect. As the teeth are moved they hit in a new way that is typically far from perfect. After her braces Maria loved her smile but had tension headaches due to her uneven bite. After her bite was tested and refines her headaches went away.




Beautify Your Smile

EHT VeneersMany folks in the Egg Harbor Township area consider the countless options available to stop the aging clock. Whether it is a surgical procedure, Botox, hair implants, or a chemical peel, Egg Harbor Township area residents have countless choices to help them look more youthful. Here at Serenity Smile Designs, we are excited to tell you about a simple and affordable cosmetic dental procedure we offer that can create a younger looking you—porcelain veneers!

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Do I Grind My Teeth?

Has Dr. Erik Mendelsohn ever asked you if you grind your teeth? You’re pretty sure that you don’t, yet somehow he is almost positive that you do. So how can this be? It’s not like you wouldn’t notice if you were grinding your teeth hard enough to wear on them or even break them, right?

Wrong! Most people experience Bruxism, which is an unconscious grinding of the teeth while sleeping. Bruxism is considered a parafunctional habit because it serves no useful purpose. A parafunction is “the habitual exercise of a body part in a way that is other than the most common use of that body part.” The common use of your teeth and jaws is for eating, swallowing, and speaking… not for grinding against one another!

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