Teeth belong in your mouth, not in your hand.

New Jersey Dentist explains solutions for loose dentures.

Loose dentures can be extremely frustrating for many people. It can make eating certain foods difficult if not impossible. Although dentures are custom fitted to a persons mouth the reality is that everyone is different and some people can adapt and learn to love their dentures, others simply cannot get used to them. On occasion the denture can be adjusted so that it does not overextend in area that are lifted by the muscles. A proper balanced bite is also very important to the fit of a dentures.






T-Scan Bite Analysis

At Serenity Smile Designs we  use  T-Scan to adjust all of the dentures make to provide the best possible fit, this helps by preventing off center bite forces from dislodging a dentures.








Denture paste

Unfortunately even with a perfect fit ultimately the fit of a denture is dependent of the size of the tongue, the floor of the mouth, and even throat anatomy and everyone is different. A lower full  denture is held in place by your tongue, which means you must learn to eat and speak while still using your tongue to hold the denture in place.  Many must use paste to help hold a denture inregardless of how great the fit is.

Dentures often loosen as time goes on since the bone under the dentures start to resorb over time making the situation worst. Dental implants are a great option for those looking to make a denture tighter.


At Serenity Smile Designs: Cosmetic, Implant, & General Dentistry in Egg Harbor Township we have had great success in pairing implants that contain snap on buttons with dentures to help stabilize them. If you already have a denture or need a denture, as few as two implants may be very effective in stabilizing your denture. This very affordable implant option will make your denture remarkably tighter, improving chewing ability and increasing self-confidence. You no longer have to worry about your denture falling out when you eat or speak, nor will you need excess pastes and powders to hold your denture in place.


In cases where a person does not want to wear false teeth or dentures that must come out at night, implants are very effective at replacing several missing teeth. Several implants can be placed to provide support for the  custom made tooth replacement option that best fits your particular case.

Traditional treatment options for tooth replacement, Crown & Bridge and full or partial dentures, address the  cosmetic problems of missing teeth, but do not stop bone loss.  Bridges also require that two or more healthy teeth must be prepared to serve as posts for a bridge. This can  leaving them at a higher risk for cavities, and the need for root canal treatment. If the original abutment teeth fail, more healthy teeth must prepared  to serve as posts, putting other healthy teeth at risk.

With implants, however, the healthy teeth are left alone. Dental implants, like natural teeth, also transmit chewing forces to the jawbone, which reduces bone loss that can lead to premature aging and weakening of the jawbone and the loss of chewing ability.


Full Mouth Dental Implants

Dental implants can be an  excellent option for the person who cannot function properly with a full denture. Implants can be used to fully rehabilitate a person’s smile while restoring both chewing capabilities – and confidence. There is a wide variety of options to choose from when rehabilitating your teeth. The best option for you will be determined during a  consultation between you and your dentist to give you the best treatment option that meets your needs. Contact our Egg Harbor Township dental office today for a consultation!