Here at Serenity Smile Designs in Egg Harbor Township, we are aware that the number of options you have when buying a tube of toothpaste can be overwhelming. Should you go for tartar control? Fluoride? Both?

When it comes to choosing the best toothpaste for you, Dr. Erik Mendelsohn wants you to remember that it is important to think about your unique oral health needs.


  • Fluoride:

Any brand of toothpaste that contains fluoride is acceptable. It does not make any difference if the toothpaste is a gel, paste, or powder. It also does not matter what flavoring agent is used. These toothpastes help strengthen the enamel and fight decay. They also contain abrasives which help remove stain and polish the teeth, while leaving your mouth with a clean, fresh feeling.

  • Sensitive Teeth:

If you are experiencing tooth sensitivity to hot or cold, choosing desensitizing toothpaste is probably the right option for you. Dr. Erik Mendelsohn recommends picking one with either strontium chloride or potassium nitrate as an added ingredient. It may take four to six weeks to see improvement; however, if the problem persists you may want to schedule an appointment with Dr. Erik to make sure it is not a more serious problem.

  • Tartar Control:

Brands of toothpaste that advertise “tartar control” usually have an active ingredient that helps reduce tartar formation up to 36 percent, but actually does not remove tartar. Tartar (calculus) can really only be removed with a professional cleaning. Call today to make an appointment with either one of our hygienists, Tina or Celeste!

  • Abrasiveness:

Many types of toothpaste now contain baking soda, which is less abrasive. This is recommended for reducing tooth sensitivity in people with gum recession or for those who may have abraded their teeth by rigorous brushing with an abrasive toothpaste.

  • Whitening:

Bleaching teeth to make them lighter is becoming very popular, especially here at Serenity Smile Designs with our FREE Whitening for Life Program! If you desire whitening toothpaste, Dr. Erik Mendelsohn recommends looking for these active ingredients—carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. Whitening toothpastes serve best to maintain the tooth shade after bleaching procedures. Contact Serenity Smile Designs for information about our FREE Whitening for Life Program.

  • Dentures:

If you wear partial or full dentures, overtime they will stain and absorb odors. Call your pharmacist or Dr. Erik Mendelsohn to ask him to recommend an accepted denture cleaning paste/solution.

When brushing, it is not necessary to overload your toothbrush with toothpaste. Squeeze a pea-size amount on top of the bristles. Correct brushing techniques will cause the paste to foam and cover all of your teeth. Call us today (609) 646-1989 to make an appointment with Dr. Erik Mendelsohn!