What are Snap-on Dentures?

Snap-on Dentures are implant dentures that look and feel like traditional, removable dentures, but  there are  2-4 locators on the bottom side of  the denture which Snap onto the dental implants in your mouth. Dr. Erik Mendelsohn has been placing implants for over ten years at his dental office in Egg Harbor Township.  His passion is dental implants. Not only do they change the way a person eats but also changed a person’s life.


He finds the implants help to prevent  rocking, shifting, or rubbing because your implants keep the appliance secure. It even makes speech much better since your dentures won’t move while you are eating. Traditional dentures (without implants) offer  75% less chewing force which means your diet and chewing abilities  are significantly be changed.  Without dental implants you much cut up food very small and really learn to train your tongue to hold them in place while you are chewing, Snap-on-dentures and All-on-X treatments help to solve that problem. Dental implants can help to improve the way you chew and speak.



Nancy says her  Snap On Dentures changed her life!



It is also important that you see your dentist regularly for cleaning and maintenance of the dentures. Remember we are replacing you teeth so they need to be maintained as if they are teeth, that includes brushing, flossing, dental office visits, and other custom techniques.

What is All-on-X Treatment?

Dr. Erik Mendelslohn, typically  uses as few as four implants to support a full-arch prosthesis that mimics the appearance of an extended dental bridge. While you frequently will hear about an All-on-Four advertised is it important to realize that while four can stabilize a denture, adding extra implants may help to further distribute the load across more implants.

The biggest difference between an All-on-X  appliance and an Snap-on-Denture  is the way that it’s shaped. As a permanent appliance, you never have to take it out. Plus, All-on- X treatments don’t cover the roof of your mouth and are smaller and more comfortable for your tongue.

Snap-on-Dentures VS Traditional Dentures:

Which is More Comfortable?

There are several different factors that impact the comfort of a denture or implant prosthesis. Some of the ones to consider include:

Rubbing, chafing, and sore spots: Both snap-on and All-on-X dentures help to eliminate the source of sore spots. Since the denture doesn’t use your gums for a seal, there’s not a risk of it rubbing up against them.

Speech: Wearing a removable snap-on denture can change the way you talk. Since there’s still an acrylic “plate” across the roof of your mouth, you’ll have to work on making specific speech sounds without slurring our sounding different. It is much better than a traditional denture, but  there is still a learning curve.  But with an All-on-X appliance, the shape follows the contour of your bite. That means your tongue and lips won’t as many issues that make you  talk differently.

Eating: All-on-X implants offer significant advantages over snap-on dentures when it comes time to eating. Since they do not cover the roof of your mouth, you get to enjoy the natural tastes of your meals and chew easier. You will also be able to chew the same foods as you did before you lost your teeth with an All-on- X appliance.

Confidence: There’s something to be said for the way your smile makes you feel.

With an All-on-X implant treatment, you can feel like they are your own teeth. There’s no taking out an appliance when you go to bed at night or having to worry about the way you look when you’re laughing in front of friends. You won’t have to worry about any awkward situations!

Facial profile: Dentures can change the way you look. With implants, you’re naturally supporting the bone in your mouth, which consequently affects your facial profile. All-on- X implants give you the fullness that counteracts “sunken-in” features seen in tooth loss. Rather, your cheeks and lips are supported to add more youth back to your face.


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