T-Scan Bite Analysis

t-scan-systemAs a dentist in Egg Harbor Dr. Erik Mendelsohn uses state-of-the-art technology in his facility to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of his patients. This technology allows for more accurate diagnosis and successful treatment planning. Traditional analysis methods for evaluating a patient’s bite required them the use of articulating paper which could only show the end result of occlusal contact. Unable to record which contact hit first or measure their relative strength, these methods could not produce a comprehensive assessment.


Dr. Erik Mendelsohn also uses the T-Scan, a computerized occlusal (bite) analysis system. This hand held device allows Dr. Erik to quickly and accurately determine how well balanced your bite is. Patients simply bite down on an ultra-thin sensor, and the device measures the time and force of the bite, sending the information to a computer which analyzes and displays the data in minutes.

With this 3-D analysis, Dr. Erik Mendelsohn can quickly and accurately determine where the problems are with your bite.

Benefits of T-Scan:
• Quick and easy to use
• Allows for more accurate diagnosis and treatment planning
• Digital results can be used to monitor treatment progression and outcome
• Digital results can also be easily archived with patient’s other digital dental records

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