Preventative Dentistry

Preventative Services

The goal of preventative dentistry is to steer clear of problems that can sometimes be avoided with routine maintenance and check-ups.

Just like maintaining the oil in your car, your teeth benefit from regular care. With the proper instruction you can help us  to maintain your teeth  by properly brushing and flossing at home regularly. Click here to see what toothpaste is right for you! Routine maintenance will also help your teeth  to last a lifetime. And the more frequently you come in to clean your teeth, the fewer problems you’ll have in the long run. We recommend a minimum of two cleanings per year, with more frequent cleanings depending upon need.

If you are due for a teeth cleaning appointment, please use the LocalMed platform to schedule your appointment today!

At Serenity Smile Designs: Cosmetic, Implant, & General Dentistry in South Jersey, our highly trained hygienists use a combination of ultrasonic scalers and state-of-the-art instruments. Our dentist brings his expertise in scanning not only for decay, but for other potentially serious health problems. Egg Harbor Township dental care is very important to our practice.


Each appointment includes:

  • A review and update of your medical history and a blood pressure check
  • Evaluation of your gum tissue
  • Removal of plaque, tartar and stains
  • Fluoride application to protect the tooth enamel and help prevent decay
  • Polishing of teeth, fillings and crowns
  • Comprehensive dental examination for decay, infection and other problems
  • Screening for early detection of oral cancer
  • Periodic x-rays to detect potential problem


Choose the right toothbrush!

Sonicare The Sonicare Flex Platinum is Sold at Your Local EHT Dentist Office

While traditional manual toothbrushes can do a good job if used properly electric toothbrushes excel in their greater ability to clean teeth. The Sonicare FlexCare delivers the superior cleaning you’re looking for, with the flexibility your oral health routine demands. New ProResults brush heads and personal care settings are all found in a brush design that is smaller and lighter and has less vibration than any other Sonicare toothbrush. All this and an integrated UV sanitizer that helps eliminate harmful bacteria that may reside on your brush head. Most importantly it has a built in timer to let you know exactly how long you should be brushing your teeth. Spending too little time can decrease effectiveness.



We’ll admit it–flossing is no fun and we get that everyone wants to skip this part of their routine. The truth of the matter is that  flossing is here to stay because it is one of the most vital steps in maintaining  your oral health. Flossing is important! It provides you with the  only instrument that can clean the bacteria the resides under the gums and in between the teeth where the toothbrush cannot reach. While floss picks, and mouthwash are great they can’t replace flossing all together. Ask your hygienist how to properly and effectively use your floss. Its much easier and faster when someone shows you how to do it properly.

What kind of mouthwash should you use?


EHT Dentist Recommends Using Fluoride Rinse to Complete Your Daily Oral Care Routine

You need a mouthwash that won’t rinse fluoride away. When you use a mouthwash after you brush and floss, you might think you’re completing your daily oral care routine the best way possible. But, you’re not.

When you use an ordinary, non-fluoride mouthwash after brushing and flossing you may actually negate the fluoride efficacy of toothpaste. The entire line of Listerine and ACT mouthwashes and fluoride rinses contains the highest amount of fluoride available in a rinse form without a prescription.

Regular use of a fluoride rinse can:

  • Help prevent cavities in children over six as their teeth are developing
  • Strengthen tooth enamel
  • Prevent white spot lesions in teens with braces
  • Help protect the roots of adult teeth as their gums begin to recede

We Can Improve Your Dental Health And Improve Your Life!

We offer a variety of complete dental services to ensure that we can help you recover where others may not be able to.

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